September 30, 2022

Contoh Soalan Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik Gred M41

Contoh Soalan Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik Gred M41

Untuk calon yang telah memohon jawatan PTD Gred M41 di laman web SPA, sila semak nama anda samada tersenarai sebagai calon exam ptd bulan mei ini atau tidak?
Peperiksaan PTD M41 sesi 2019/2020 akan diadakan secara online dengan format berbeza kali ini.
Saya akan kongsikan beberapa Contoh Soalan untuk peperiksaan online Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Gred M41 dengan calon yang layak menduduki peperiksaan PTD nanti.
Pengambilan PTD Tahun 2019 
Daripada ribuan calon peperiksaan ini, hanya 300 orang calon sahaja akan diambil. Tapisan memang agak mencabar dan memerlukan persediaan dan pengorbanan tenaga yang lebih untuk lulus peperiksaan ini. Hanya calon yang mempunyai kekuatan fizikal dan mental yang akan terpilih untuk ke tahap seterusnya iaitu PAC di INTAN seluruh negara nanti. Dengan adanya Exam PTD online ini, menjimatkan masa dan kos calon untuk mengambil peperiksaan dimana-mana sahaja mereka berada asalkan mempunyai jaringan internet.
Untuk tahun ini, jumlah kekosongan adalah sebanyak 400 orang manakala calon simpanan adalah sebanyak 30 orang.
Dah semak nama anda? Semak sini –
Contoh Soalan Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris

Dibawah ini merupakan contoh-contoh soalan Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris PTD bagi peperiksaan SPA lepas yang disediakan khas sebagai panduan kepada calon PTD M41. Sebelum itu fahami dahulu, apa tujuan dan jenis soalan yang akan ditanyakan.
Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris 
Dalam seksyen ini, calon akan diuji berkenaan kemahiran Bahasa inggeris calon. Soalan yang akan dikemukakan berdasarkan 2 petikan pendek, 10 soalan kefahaman dan 20 soalan tatabahasa.
Masa: 30 minit
Soalan: 30 (aneka pilihan)
Contoh-Contoh Soalan Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris

Berikut merupakan antara contoh soalan peperiksaan Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik M41 yang mungkin akan ditanya dalam Contoh Soalan Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris. Anda bolehlah jadikan contoh soalan ini sebagai rujukan untuk ulangkaji nanti.
Title : Price Hike
Many people complain when the cost of basic goods increases due to the flow-on effects on living expenses. However, shop owners and resellers are ultimately in control of cost-pricing, leaving the consumer with limited, if any, say in the matter.
Whilst beneficial to companies and shop owners, there are claims stating that inflation is one of the main aggravating causes of political and socio-economic instability within the country. Due to increases in cost of living also not being reflected in wage raises, or lack thereof, crime rates would also increase as a result of poverty and basic goods being simply unaffordable.
The factors contributing to the price increase of basic goods include:
  • Rising costs of fuel sources (affecting overall production and transportation costs);
  • Greediness exhibited by companies responsible for cost-pricing. As an example,even with the reduced fuel prices imposed by the government, the prices of goods remain at an all-time high;
  • Consumers insisting on purchasing the same type (or brand) of goods despite the higher price.
  • The lack of emphasis to produce food and goods in-country.

There are a few suggestions that can be considered in order to curb the effects of a higher cost of living on society. This includes equipping members of society with good money management skills, enabling them to spend smart and save. Another aspect is to increase agricultural production and to utilise uninhabited land. In addition, steps should be taken to make popular and reinvigorate the career of agriculture and farming as a good source of income. As a precaution, international trade agreements must be made to effectively cooperate between neighbouring countries to reduce import tax, helping to minimise the price- increase of imported goods.
Therefore, it can be extrapolated from this that prices of basic goods and services will inevitably rise in accordance with international trading agreements, cost of living and other external, as well as internal, factors. However, the effects of it on society can be mitigated through thrifty and savvy managing of consumer spending habits. Besides the consumers, the responsible parties must also take part and do what is necessary to curb the price hike and help control the market situation to the extent possible.
1. Every time the price of goods and services increase, which party is affected the most?
A. Government 
B. End consumer
C. Shop owners and resellers
D. Low-Income earner
2. What would be the best description of the word “famine”
A. Crime rate
B. Poverty
C. Scarcity of food
D. High cost living
3. Consumers could typically manage price increases if they:
A. Work overtime
B. Take 2-3 jobs
C. Adjust their lifestyle
D. Hunger strike
4. Below are among the reasons of a price hike
I. Increase of fuel cost
II. Brand obsession
III. Consumers’ bad spending habits
IV. Insufficient production of crops
A. I & II
C. I, II, & III
D. All above
5. Below are suggestion mentioned in article to reduce effect of price hike, except
A. Money management
B. Increase import duty
C. Optimized the use of land
D. Produce more in house goods
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Contoh Soalan Seksyen C – Kemahiran Bahasa Inggeris Pegawai Tadbir Diplomatik Gred M41

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